AMRAP Workout | Plyo Intervals

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I jumped at the chance to try out the Nike Flyknit 5.0 this weekend. I’ve always had trouble finding shoes that fit my extremely pronated flat-feet. I remember my Mom taking me to get new shoes as a kid and not understanding why they would put an annoying raised arch in the middle of the shoe…

I was on the women’s crew team my freshman year of college and despite the fact that it’s not exactly a land sport – running was one of our cross training workouts. And it was evident that my feet just weren’t cutting it. So I got orthotics. Which, come to think of it, I should be using more often…but nowadays I run no more than 4-6 miles at a time.

 I am however a huge fan of the 5.0 series of Nike free’s. They are so lightweight but still give just enough support for my extremely low “arch” (or lack there of). The minimalist design doesn’t include the annoying raised arch I remember as a kid. The form fitted “flyknit” material sort of feels like you’re wearing a really awesome sock that’s also part shoe – if that makes any sense 😉 I got these on ebay, you can check them out here. I’m wearing them in Rainbow Atomic Purple / White Blue One

The fall foliage and crisp air are on point right now so I’ve actually have been running outside lately (probably too much and without my orthotics). My arch was bothering me so instead of pounding the pavement, I came up with this workout to get my fitness on.

AMRAP Workout | Plyo Intervals

Equipment I Used:

38 Sets interval cycles (7 moves x 6 sets) + (6 forty-five second breaks)
30 seconds of work (High)
15 seconds of rest (Low)

Or you can set it for:
7 Sets interval cycles (number of moves)
30 seconds of work (High)
15 seconds of rest (Low)
set the repeat option to “ON” for 6 cycles.

If you go this route you can manually pause your timer at the end of each set to grab water and rest for 30 – 60 seconds before jumping right back in!

Also, make sure you set the warm-up and cool-down to 0:00 otherwise it will repeat these each time you go to do your next round!

You’ll do each exercise for 30 seconds followed by 15 seconds of rest before moving immediately onto the next exercise. Once you’ve completed the whole circuit, pause the timer, grab some water, and take a breather for 30-60 seconds. Repeat five more times, for a total of 6 rounds.

I set my interval timer for 38 rounds of 30 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest, and selected different sounds for the high interval vs the low interval so I would know which one was signaling me to start and stop (38 interval cycles to account for the six 45-second breaks). I was feeling pretty good so I took shorter rests. When I was ready to start I’d manually start my next round.

Each round is 6 minutes in length: 5 minutes and 15 seconds of work, followed by 45 seconds of rest between each round. You’ll complete 6 rounds total, so you should finish in 36 mins! As always, make sure you’re warmed up before you start!

AMRAP WORKOUT_Plyo Intervals_LivengProof

The Moves:

Alternating Bear Lunges:
Starting from a plank position bring your right foot up next to your right hand. Then return it back to starting position. Repeat on the left side.

Squat Jumps:
Stand with your feet slightly wider than hip distance apart. Get organized before you start; squeeze your glutes together and think about screwing your feet into the ground. Keeping your belly in and your shins vertical, hinge from your hips sitting back into a squat. Then explode up, squeezing your glutes together to drive you up! When you jump you should be in “triple extension” that is your ankles, hips and are fully extended and your shoulders are shrugged!

Inverted Pike:
Face away from a wall, firmly plant your hands into a pushup position. Squat down and kick your feet up so that you’re in a handstand position, positioned at about a 45 degree angle to the wall. It is important that your core do its job – and avoid over-arching your low back. To do this squeeze your glutes (think “pinching a dime”) – this forces your hips forward and engages your anterior core! Now lift your hips up, maintaining your core and glute squeeze throughout the movement,  then return back to starting position. Repeat.

Squat Jumps (again!)

Forward/Backward Bear Crawl:
Hands and toes touching ground, hips in the air. Move one leg and the opposite arm forward. Switch by moving your other leg and opposite arm forward. Keep your hips and back flat. Walk yourself forward about 4-6 x then go backwards. Repeat for the duration of the round!?

Back Lunge Plyo Hops:
Stand with feet together, hands on hips. Step back with your right foot and lower into a reverse lunge. Shift your weight onto your left leg.
In one movement, rise up, bring your right knee forward, and jump, lifting your right knee to hip level. Land lightly on your left foot and step your right leg back into a lunge. (On the odd rounds do your Right side, even rounds Left side!)

Pike Hop Overs:
In a plank position hop your feet together over to the right then to the left. Continue for the duration of the interval!




Summer Scorcher Workout!

You guys are going to have to try this workout and let us know if it really is ridiculously hard or we just made the fatal mistake of doing it outdoors in 90+ degree, humid weather (think ‘hot yoga’ level humidity and heat)! We’re guessing it’s a mix of both…

At one point we actually had to break because our camera overheated! As you can imagine we were pretty fried by the end (pun intended) 😉 And yes normally we’d perform the chest flyes with a set of respectably-heavy dumbells but like we said it was a scorcher!


summer scorcher workout

Get your summer scorcher workout printable here ~ Just right click and select “Save Link As…”

Let us know what you think!

How are you guys dealing with working out and the summer heat?


xo Engrid & Shana

Total Body Toning Workout!

Screenshot 2014-07-01 17.55.17

Happy 1st of July! Your Total Body Toning Workout can be done anywhere, anytime all you need is a set of dumb bells!

Bring your printable with you to the gym or to the park,  for an effective toning-cardio combo that will leave you smiling all day long!

Start with Set 1 and make your way down the column. Grab some water then get right back at it with Set 2!

Need music to get you energized? Us too!! Listen to some of our favorite songs:


Let us know what you think!

xo Engrid & Shana


No Muscle Left Behind ~ Interval Circuit Workout!

I wanted to hit every major target area: glutes, abs, quads, hammies, triceps, shoulders, chest…but I also wanted to torch some calories! And as you might have figured out by now, I’m all about multi-tasking. Using multiple muscle groups simultaneously means your heart has to work harder, more energy is required, so your metabolism is elevated, which means more calories are burned! Win-Win.

Since becoming a personal trainer, I have developed a great appreciation for workout design. It wasn’t until I was faced with teaching a group class on my own, that I realized that there’s actually a lot of thought that goes into it. And this workout is no different. I had your heart rate in mind, you may notice I take your HR up and down between medium intensity to high intensity – build your muscles and cardiovascular endurance! Pretty clever huh? 😉

No Muscle Left Behind ~ Interval Circuit Workout!

Equipment I used:
Interval Timer App (free)
Exercise Mat

5 Sets  interval cycles (number of moves)
45 seconds of work (High)
15 seconds of rest (Low)
set the repeat option to “ON” for 5 cycles.

Also, make sure you set the warm-up and cool-down to 0:00 otherwise it will repeat these each time you go to do your next round!

Each round is 5 mins. You can pause your Interval Timer App (free) and take a quick drink of water and then quickly get going onto the next round. If you take about 20 secs rest in between each round, you should complete the workout in just under 27 minutes!

No-Muscle-Left-Behind-Workout-Livengproof.comSpider-Woman Push-up: 
Assume the standard pushup position. As you lower your body toward the floor, draw your right knee up, bringing your foot out to your right side (think: the position you’d be in if you were scaling the side of a rock face). From this position perform a push-up, keeping your belly button pulled in towards your spine (which ensures your hips stay in proper alignment, core is engaged, and there is no tension on your lower back). Return your right foot to the starting position. Repeat on the opposite side. That’s 1 rep. Continue to alternate back and forth.

Plank Inchworm Jumps:
Stand with your feet hip distance apart. First, get yourself organized: booty cheeks squeezed together, belly button is pulled in towards your spine, hips pressed forward. From this position, bend from the hip and walk your hands out in front of you into a palm-plank (keeping your wrists in-line and under your shoulders). Come down into a forearm plank. Return to a palm plank and walk your hands back to your feet; stand up and jump up. That is 1 rep. You’ve got this, now keep going for the full 45 secs!! Maintaining your core, keeping your belly-button pulled in towards your spine!! 🙂

Glute Bridge Calf Raises:
Lie down on your back with your knees bent, your feet flat on the floor. Raise your hips up, squeezing those glutes – so your lower back is off the floor. Then, maintaining your bridge position, with control lift and lower your heels off the floor (keeping your hips elevated throughout the exercise)!

Ice skaters (phase 1):
Start standing on one leg. Powerfully hop from side to side, switching legs as if you were hopping over a puddle or speed skating, lowering your body down to do so.

Crab-Up Toe Touches:
Laying down, palms down, knees are bent with feet flat on the floor. Come up to a crab position, using your triceps to push up. Reaching up, touch your hand to your opposite foot before rolling back down. Repeat, switching sides, for 45 seconds.

What’s your favorite full-body move?


What I did for my Workout: Wednesday

Hey Everyone!

The day got away from me yesterday and I never was able to post the workout I did! So here it is:

I noticed on Wednesday morning that my hammies & glutes were still pretty sore from Mondays workout but I powered through with a little music motivation!

I started with my cardio:
15 min : Elliptical (first 5ish mins were a warm up)

20 min : HIIT intervals on the Treadmill

20 mins: back to the Elliptical (heart rate was high cardio range)

Followed by strength & toning:
I did this 1 x through with little to no rest between each exercise.

I hope you guys find this helpful!