Cauliflower Pizza Crust

cauliflower pizza crust

I keep seeing cauliflower pizza’s all over pinterest, instagram etc and I think I attempted to make one for all the wrong reasons. I felt like pshh yeah I can totally make one of those too – a wheatless pizza crust- yep I got this! I’m not gonna lie to you and tell you that this was ridiculously easy to make. Or try to decieve you with my beautifully lit photos – I’m not gonna lie – you can’t pick up a slice of this pizza like your everyday pizza. It definitely had to be enjoyed with a fork (and knife) in hand. I will say that I was surprisingly pleased with the taste. And although the “dough” didn’t really achieve that classic pillsbury-dough-boy texture I was still gravy with how it turned out. Would I make it again?? Maybe my healthy pizza muse will strike again, but it was just nice to try it out – and now I can scratch it off the list and now I have earned the honest bragging rights to tell people “yeah I’ve made that before”…no but seriously don’t we all know those people??

Anyway if you want to join the club and give it your best shot this is what I did! My husband actually really liked it and ate the little personal-sized pizza for dinner!

califlower in bowl

Break up/ chop a fresh cauliflower head.


califlower rice

Use a high-speed food processor to pulse your cauliflower into a rice-like texture. Then mix with all the other ingredients listed below and bake for 30 mins at 45o degrees Fahrenheit.

califlower pizza crust 2

While your crust is baking, broil or sauté your choice of veggies before adding to your pre-baked pizza crust. I also topped mine with some grilled chicken for added protein! You can try adding avocados, greek or spanish olives, a fried egg (another pinteresty one), also arugula looks really pretty on pizzas (and has a nice sharp taste)!

califlower pizza crust recipe


Have you tried making the cauliflower pizza crust? Or another recipe you’ve seen on pinterest? 


‘Crossfit Gym’ HIIT Circuit Workout


How’s everyone doing this week!?
Summer is right around the corner ☀ can you feel it!?!

For me this means the months ahead are filled with weddings, birthdays, upcoming vacations to finish planning etc! Often it can feel like I have to “cram” everything in before the nice weather runs out!

Warmer weather also means people are more likely than ever to seek out personal training (which is great for me)! So I’ve been much busier with the addition of new clients. So, I’m in a bit of an adjustment phase to this new busier ‘normal’. I have to remind myself that I need to take care of “me” first – which is incredibly challenging! I pour my heart and soul into my clients, but I’ve realized that if I don’t treat myself right (aka knowing when to say “No, I can’t do that” or knowing when I will need to take a 20 min power nap) I won’t be able to give them everything I’ve got!

I’ve learned the hard way. And, yes, sometimes I do spread myself too thin. But I’ve also learned that sacrificing my own needs for others never pans out well. I pride myself in giving each of my clients the energy and attention they deserve at every single session. But when I don’t take care of me I  know that my spark can dim  – and that’s usually a result of me taking on more than I can handle. But just like building strength and endurance with a progressive load, I am trying to gradually increase and adapt. And I’d like to think I’m building a pretty solid foundation for handling my days, as they get busier!

It’s definitely a process learning how to balance this new “normal”. At first, I’d catch myself feeling run-down & tired later on in the afternoons (it happens after your alarm clock goes off at 4 AM a few days in a row). So just before meeting with my late afternoon client(s), I’d envision how wonderful a nap would feel… but for some reason once our session would start I’d instantly be filled with happiness and energy! In reality, I feel so blessed with the responsibility I have to each of my clients. It seriously is so rewarding and I sometimes I can’t believe I’ve actually carved this life out for myself! Additionally outside of my clients, I know I am lucky to have the commitments and friendships I have that add all that wonderful flavor to my life.

Take home message: Even through all of the chaos ~I want you to focus on Y♡U

Make your healthy lifestyle the one consistent part of your everyday life, even if everything else is moving and shaking! Maybe crazy is your new normal??

Okay, so it’s the end of my work week and I’m seriously exhausted, but that’s not stopping me from posting this ‘Crossfit Gym HIIT Circuit Workout’!  I have been trying to stay more consistent about posting REGULARLY!

Crossfit Gym HIIT Circuit WorkoutComplete this routine 4 times through!!



My Favorite Things: April!


My Favorite Things: April

anthropologie ceramic fruit basket
Anthropologie Ceramic Fruit Basket:
This was a birthday gift from a friend and I’m obsessed with the both the color and the function of this dish!  I LOVE it! Also how pretty does it make the strawberries look? It’s so much prettier than a regular colander. I find myself buying things in the store and getting home and realizing it looked so much better before I bought it. not buyers remorse so much that it’s just like why can’t my whole house just look like anthropologie?

After Dinner Walks:
The weather has gotten nicer and it stays light long enough now! So after dinner my hubby and Iike to go on a little stroll. It might be just 20 minutes but I like catching up this way and even its just a short walk its a nice habit to get into when the weather starts getting nicer! And its always good to work towards that 10,000 steps a day.


My Birthday Surprise:
The night before my birthday my husband snuck out of bed after I was asleep and began to inflate balloons with a helium tank he had purchased (didn’t evenknow you could buy those!). Then proceeded to blow up about another 100 balloons to fill our kitchen floor with. I had to wake up early that morning for a training session and was completely surprised! Nothing says birthday more than a ridiculous amount of balloons everywhere!


Dinner at my Favorite Restaurant in town (The Lazy Goat):
We don’t eat out often but when we do I love to hit up my favorite tapas restaurant! Their Brussels sproats are my favvvvvorite – everytime I have them I literally sit there and close my eyes and savor each flavor! I can never get my Brussels like that at home – so I definitely “ratatouille” each bite 😉

The Fit Cast – Podcasts!
I recently discovered the FitCast and have been crushing episodes while I am on the stairmaster or while I am stretching/mobilizing! It’s all interviews of people within the fitness industry about topics I am uber interested in; strength training, nutrition information, training client advice – I am a nerd when it comes to this stuff! I seriously love it!

The Foam “Sock-Bun”
This thing has been a lifesaver! During the week I wake up between 4 – 5 AM to get to the gym and begin either my bootcamp or training session – so I don’t have a whole lot of time to spend on my hair! This has helped me look somewhat put-together (which is far better than my usual bedhead-frizzy-pony tail).

foam bun shaper

Favorite Blogs & Articles/Podcasts:

  • This Blogilates youtube video about body image – seriously brought tears to my eyes!
  • The Fit Cast – Podcasts
  • This CloudyApples youtube video about ‘How to Acheive Fitness Goals’ – love this video and all her entire channel for that matter! She has such a down-to-earn wholehearted approach to life that I am on board with!

Favorite Moments:

  • Having a friend text me a screenshot of one my instagram workouts and telling me that she had done it.
  • Starting a new routine of a super long weekly walk with a friend! The time seriously flies by and we really connect and share about so much. I always feel so close with her after we say goodbye. Its important to me to nurture those relationships I have with someone I connect with! I love how when we are talking – it never feels like there’s enough time – we both just have so much to share. I feel grateful for having someone in my life who is so real and just gets it!
  • Being told by one of my boot campers that her experience with me has been life changing. Seriously – I have the best job in the world!
  • Meeting the owner of a very upscale spa at a networking event and having one of those conversations where you stop noticing anything else in the room! She was a living breathing example of a women who empowers other women! I loved her!