25-Minute Bodyweight HIIT Workout

Bodyweight workouts are where its at. And they don’t leave much room for excuses, because lets be real, all you need is your own body weight (obvv). It’s like having your own personal gym with you at all times, your bodyweight is always with you. So you can do them basically anywhere, eliminating all those excuses we come up with to ditch breaking a sweat.

After I’d had my usual pre-workout coffee and energy bite I busted on over to the gym on Friday morning and came up with this workout. I recently decided to swap those prolonged steady-state cardio sesh’s I used to do  for circuits like this. I’d take my cardio like this over the elliptical any day. I wasn’t constantly checking the time annnd the next day I felt this in my core, upper back, and booty. And before I get into the specifics, let me just say that I purposefully cropped the awkward bug-eye face I was randomly making out of the tricep-dip starting position photo. Now back to your workout:

25-Minute Bodyweight HIIT Workout

Equipment I Used:
Interval Timer App (free)
Exercise Mat
Plyo Box/ Bench

For each of the following exercises, you’ll set your Interval Timer App for: 5  interval cycles of 45 seconds of work (High), 15 seconds of rest (Low), and set the repeat option to “ON” for 5 cycles. Also, make sure you set the warm-up and cool-down to 0:00 otherwise it will repeat these each time you go to do your next round. This definitely happened to me…I may have downloaded this app on my way out the door.

Don’t have a spare plyo box laying around? You can use a stair, step, workout bench, or park bench! Once you’ve completed the 5 minute round, take a quick drink of water and get right on to the next one. Feeling like a boss? You can always do another round if you want bragging rights to a solid 30-Minute workout!


  • Triceps Dip with Alternating Kick: Start in a table top position. Hands on the box, facing forward, on either side of you. Shoulders neutral. Knees bent at 90 degrees. Dip down, keeping your elbows facing back while you bend them and kick your right leg straight upward as you lower your body. Push through your hands back to the starting position, lowering your right leg. Repeat, kicking up your left leg.
  • Step Up with Knee Raise (left): Stand with box directly in front of you. Step your left foot up onto the box (your right foot still on the ground). Powering through your left leg, step up, lifting your right knee up into your chest. Lower your right foot back down to the ground. Step your left foot back down to starting position. This movement should be fluid — your weight should always be on that left leg, not the right. All of the movement in this exercise comes mainly from your left glute – that’s where you should feel it!
  • Tri-Level Planks: Start in an elbow plank facing the bench. One hand at a time, walk yourself up into a standard plank position. Then again, one hand at a time, walk yourself into an extended elevated plank position with both hands on the bench, outstretched before you. Reverse the motion back down to an elbow plank. Each time you go through the sequence, alternate the hand you lead with.
  • Step Up with Knee Raise (right): Stand with box directly in front of you. Step your right foot up onto the box (your left foot still on the ground). Powering through your right leg, step up, lifting your left knee up into your chest. Lower your left foot back down to the ground. Step your right  foot back down to starting position. This movement should be fluid — your weight should always be on that right leg, not the left. All of the movement in this exercise comes mainly from your right glute – that’s where you should feel it!
  • Reptile Planks: Bring your right knee (bent out to the side and parallel to the ground) up to your right elbow, crunching your obliques. Repeat on the left side.

What are your favorite bodyweight exercises?

WEARING | jacket: Nike Dri-FIT Empire Training Jacket leggings: Kyodan (Marshalls OR ebay) | tank: Firedaughter Clothing | sneakers: Nike


Total Body Dynamic Circuit

This workout is awesome because it can be done without equipment (although adding weight earns you a gold star in my book). It can be done just about anywhere and will leave you super sweaty. You’ll go through four – six (for you over achievers) rounds of the following exercises.

Total Body Dynamic Circuit

Equipment I used:

  • Yoga Mat
  • Dumbells (I like 10 – 12lbs)

Dead-Lift to Upright Row: Lower Back, Glutes, Thighs, and Shoulders
Stand with feet hip-width apart, knees slightly bent, and hold dumbbells in front of thighs, palms facing body. Slowly hinge forward at hips, lowering torso until it’s almost parallel to floor. Pause, then squeeze glutes and return to standing, lifting dumbbells to chest height and keeping elbows pointed out to sides. Slowly return to starting position. That’s 1 rep.

Bear Crawl Lunge Stretch with T-Reach: Hip Flexors, Core, and Back
From a plank, your arms straight and your hands slightly beyond shoulder width. Bring your right foot next to your right hand. Reach your right hand up, twisting your torso. Return it to the mat. That’s 1 rep. Repeat on Left. Bear crawl forward, bringing your left foot next to your Left hand.

Inchworms: Abs, Arms, Back, Chest, Shoulders, Full Body/Integrate
Stand tall with your legs straight and bend over and touch the floor. Keeping your legs straight, walk your hands forward as far as you can without letting your hips sag. Then take tiny steps to walk your feet back to your hands. That’s 1 rep.

Overhead Press: Shoulders
Hold weights at shoulder height with palms facing forward. Keeping shoulders down, straighten arms and press weights up. Slowly lower.

Plank: Core and Shoulders
Begin on all fours with your forearms parallel to one another and shoulder-width apart on the floor. Curl your toes under and step both feet back until your legs are straight and hip-width apart. Stack your shoulders directly over your elbows. Your shoulders, hips, and heels should all be in one straight line. You should be looking slightly past your fingertips. Don’t let your butt go upward toward the ceiling (this happens when you’re tired)!!


2014: Changing Your Focus!

All throughout high school and college, I never could truly identify what I wanted; namely what or where I wanted to be. I never took the time to sit and actually think about what it was I wanted to do! I set goals, but I never really understood the significance or purpose of them, namely because I did what I thought others expected of me.For example my college degree. I earned a BS in Biology which I worked hard for and I’m certainly proud of. It’s a respectable degree, but honestly I knew I never wanted to be a Biologist or anything….you live and you learn right? I’ve learned that I need to make goals for what I want! Goals that will bring me satisfaction and help me form the kind of life I want to be living!

Goals also create paths, where and I have met some pretty amazing people. But I sometimes catch myself having tunnel vision. I like to think it like a camera lens, where you turn the focus one direction and you see what is closest to your lens; the small details crisp and well defined, the background clouded and blurry. But twist the focus in the opposite direction and suddenly the foreground is indistinguishable and the distance emphasized as it gains focus. I think it’s safe to say that we all have experienced this “tunnel vision” at some point in our lives. Where we can become so consumed with what’s next that we lose sight of our foreground; what’s happening right around us.It sounds obvious, but by switching my focus from the future, I’ve been able to see my surroundings with renewed clarity. I’ve realized that every person I come into contact with each day offers me an opportunity. I have learned so many things simply by listening. If you try this I’m sure you’ll be surprised by what people will share with you. I always ask lots of questions but I’m careful to also do my best to listen!

January is all about goals. And it’s true, goals keep you focused and prevent you from just wondering aimlessly. They allow you to establish a path and track your progress. But they also make it easy to simply go through the motions. Think of it like this;  you’re wearing blinders so all you can see is what’s ahead and you’re completely unaware of what directly surrounds you. Don’t let those blinders creep up on you while you work hard towards your goals because you could miss all of the beauty and amazing opportunities that surround you right now!

Your Trainer!

♡ Engrid