Lean & Clean ♡ Cafe Latte!

Mmmm this is seriously a new favorite!

All because I had to get creative after I ran out of my regular unsweetened vanilla almond milk! I didn’t specify in the photo, but I used unsweetened vanilla coconut milk (SO Delicious Brand) and I also sprinkled in a little bit of  stevia!


 Just the thing before I head to the gym this morning!

This is a great example of how I’m always throwing Zico Coconut Water into my recipes! Instagram me a pic of your favorite way you use ZICO in a recipe!! Is it in your ice-cream? Smoothies?  Cocktails!?

Tell Me!!! @liveng_proof & @zicococonut

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2 thoughts on “Lean & Clean ♡ Cafe Latte!

  1. If you have 99c store near by right now they have a sale 3 for $1 chocolate Zico the large bottles UNBELiEvaBLe !!!!!! They are not even near exp date

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